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Founder's Welcome

Monarch Academy, from inception, started as a belief that the students and parents of Killeen, Tx needed an alternative, world class education that not only emphasized education but also emphasized the interpersonal skills that often get overlooked in the traditional school system. Monarch Academy intends to mold the young men and women in the community into productive, intelligent and responsible citizens of the city through our innovative and rigorous curriculum. In many cases, students are not given the best opportunity to access the necessary knowledge to become well-rounded and competitive in the real world. Our curriculum at Monarch Academy will allow the students to be prepared for future endeavors in the community and college. The youth of our community are vital for the future, and at Monarch Academy we intend to build future leaders for the world. 




Monarch Academy Creed

Bridging the Education Gap Regardless of Adversity

Core Values:

At Monarch Academy we will instill in every student that enters: